kgmr is a composer, songwriter, and pianist in Portland, OR. She started writing and recording music in elementary school using a Casio keyboard, a Magnus organ, and a tape recorder. Her first compositions were imagined as soundtracks for horror films. Early sampling using prank phone calls and the tape recorder were unfortunately stopped by the police.


kgmr writes for solo piano, rock trio, larger ensembles, and electronic instrumentation. Her works have been used in films, theater, and radio. She was formally trained under Mlle. Yvonne Combe at the French School of Music in Plainfield, New Jersey, the University of Florida, and Colorado College. 


heart full of lead (single), kgmr, 2020

the silentists (single), kgmr, 2020

this happened, Half Ass West Studio Band, 2009

evening with fallen tree, kgmr, 2008

migrate to carnivora, kgmr, 2007

instant confidante, kgmr, 2005

body language (EP), kgmr, 2003